Being a language teacher…

Being a language teacher is not going to make you rich. Unless you open a youtube channel and become a celebrity. Nonetheless, it is surely a job that will bring you some good moments of joy and lots of frustrations. I have always enjoyed being a teacher and had ups and downs in doing so.

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Teaching plugged-in

It’s been three years since I last entered a classroom to teach big groups as I used to. Of course, I miss it a lot. To deal with that gap in my career after the birth of my daughter and after moving to France I became a mom-teacher. My little daughter had no option. I […]

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Teaching kids

. Teaching kids is a professional task that should be carefully and seriously prepared. Kids are fun but they are also very challenging in a sense that they are delicate and surprising. Here are 5 important things to consider when you teach kids. Attention Are you attentive enough to their signs? Kids communicate with their […]

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