Where the wild things are – book

For upper-intermediate to advance learners of English. Have you ever tried learning or keeping up to a language by reading a children’s book and retelling the story? If not, you should. Sue Where the wild things are. Where The Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak. “The night Max wore his wolf suit and made mischief of oneContinue reading “Where the wild things are – book”

Quick tips

Feeling bored? What about boosting your vocabulary during these crazy times of covid19? My suggestions are three and they come from the Cambridge dictionary team. Short and simple. Just click the links and start learning. Cambridge image dictionary quiz – you choose what vocabulary areas you want to revise and learn. Create a word listContinue reading “Quick tips”

Online or offline language courses?

Online courses Are you considering studying online? What holds you back? Technology phobia? Lack of confidence in the modality? Love for physical contact with teachers and students? Many things may be moving us against the online teaching modality. But, think twice. It doesn’t change much. Online you still have a teacher. Online you still haveContinue reading “Online or offline language courses?”

Teaching kids

. Teaching kids is a professional task that should be carefully and seriously prepared. Kids are fun but they are also very challenging in a sense that they are delicate and surprising. Here are 5 important things to consider when you teach kids. Attention Are you attentive enough to their signs? Kids communicate with theirContinue reading “Teaching kids”

That’s not my dinosaur – English for kids.

Usborne has published a series of books called That’s not my … My daughter won That’s not my dinosaur and I have used it for our one-to-one English classes time. There is a lot we can do with it as teachers of English or simply as parents exposing English to kids through reading. I came up with some of the ideas below and tested with my three-year-old girl. She loves it.