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Hello Manaus

I am very happy to offer these two courses of English for my amazonian public in Brasil. Os cursos Sao dois cursos distintos mas com a mesma dinâmica: 1 hora de aula comigo + 1h de self-study orientado disponível aqui… Read More ›

The Gruffalo

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Book: The Gruffalo Author Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler Publisher: Puffin Books Learning target: animals and body descriptions in English. Age: 5 (not afraid child) on + The Gruffalo is a rhyming story…

Nothing until …

Do not let yourself fall into the traps of the misconceptions about learning. Many think that learning a language can be fast and without much work. This is not true and no matter how many technologies you have to help… Read More ›

Cooking vocabulary

Have you ever crushed garlic? Listening activity Peel-crush-chop-sprinkle over-scrape up-squish-squash-bulb-cloves How to ______ garlic by hand 2. Now listen to it – Click here! 3. ONLY after you have listened to it as many times as it can be necessary… Read More ›

Quick tips

Feeling bored? What about boosting your vocabulary during these crazy times of covid19? My suggestions are three and they come from the Cambridge dictionary team. Short and simple. Just click the links and start learning. Cambridge image dictionary quiz –… Read More ›