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Je suis professeur d'anglais pour les enfants et les adultes. Diplômé en langue anglaise avec une maîtrise en linguistique.

*I am an English language teacher for children and adults. I have graduated in English Language Arts and hold a Master in Linguistics.

** Professora por escolha e paixão. Formada em Letras língua inglesa com mestrado em Linguística.

  • Halloween activity

    Age: 7+ Aim: to learn new halloween vocabulary. Sue

  • Sensacoes e sabores literàrios na quarentena

    O espaço de fala que me foi dado pela querida Hercilaine no Sensações e Sabores literários na quarentena foi importante para que eu me reencontrasse em mim e em meus pares. Eu, como outros, estou aqui longe de muitos que… Read More ›

  • Nothing until …

    Do not let yourself fall into the traps of the misconceptions about learning. Many think that learning a language can be fast and without much work. This is not true and no matter how many technologies you have to help… Read More ›

  • Cooking vocabulary

    Have you ever crushed garlic? Listening activity Peel-crush-chop-sprinkle over-scrape up-squish-squash-bulb-cloves How to ______ garlic by hand 2. Now listen to it – Click here! 3. ONLY after you have listened to it as many times as it can be necessary… Read More ›

  • Quick tips

    Feeling bored? What about boosting your vocabulary during these crazy times of covid19? My suggestions are three and they come from the Cambridge dictionary team. Short and simple. Just click the links and start learning. Cambridge image dictionary quiz –… Read More ›

  • A lingua portuguesa

    A lingua portuguesa é a oitava lingua mais falada do mundo. Está presente em quatro continentes e é a lingua de interesse de muita gente. Gente que gosta de ler romances em língua original e de viajar e ser capaz… Read More ›

  • Online or offline language courses?

    Online courses Are you considering studying online? What holds you back? Technology phobia? Lack of confidence in the modality? Love for physical contact with teachers and students? Many things may be moving us against the online teaching modality. But, think… Read More ›

  • Listening and speaking activity – Levels A and B

    Listening and speaking activity to practice the verb to be in the present and present continuous.                            ListeningA   This is a very simple listening activity. All you have to do is to click the link below to listen to… Read More ›

  • A pre-A1 lesson

    How does a teacher prepare his lessons? He studies, ponders, create, analyse and apply. After it sometimes he will smile happily and other times he will cry. – Sue A. Viana

  • Being a language teacher…

    Being a language teacher is not going to make you rich. Unless you open a youtube channel and become a celebrity. Nonetheless, it is surely a job that will bring you some good moments of joy and lots of frustrations. I have always enjoyed being a teacher and had ups and downs in doing so.

  • Teaching plugged-in

    It’s been three years since I last entered a classroom to teach big groups as I used to. Of course, I miss it a lot. To deal with that gap in my career after the birth of my daughter and… Read More ›

  • Teaching kids

    . Teaching kids is a professional task that should be carefully and seriously prepared. Kids are fun but they are also very challenging in a sense that they are delicate and surprising. Here are 5 important things to consider when… Read More ›