The teacher

I’m Sue. A teacher of English and Portuguese as foreign languages for more than 15 years. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English language and literature and a Master degree in linguistics.

TOEFL, ECPE and TKT are some international exams that attest to my teaching and English speaking competence. As well as my university studies and professional experience as a teacher.

Brazilian Portuguese is my second favourite language to teach and I teach it as a passionate native speaker of this language and as a studious of the language as well.

I am now living in Draveil, France, where I moved to in 2018 with my beloved husband and daughter. I know it might be suspicious to have a Brazilian teaching English in France, but trust me, I studied a lot to be the professional/educator I am. If you want to know more about my online classes or my private classe at my space Avec.Sue, just write to I will be happy to talk to you.

Hope you enjoy your time here at my virtual space. I am also on instagram @efl.sue

P.s By the way, I can speak French. Not in Advanced level, but I can 🙂 I have a B1-B2 certificate. Check it out here


Curriculum Vitae Lattes

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