Self-learning: eating in Europe

Hey guys, how are you doing today? Tell me! Tell me! Are you a foodie? I am. I don’t know how to cook but if there is something I have been learning how to do properly this thing is to eat. I love eating and I do appreciate world food. 🙂

Today’s video will surely help you learn English and culture in a very interesting way.

Rick Steves’ Europe guidebook co-author (and foodie) Cameron Hewitt explains how food is a window into the culture, history, and landscape of a place. I suggest that you watch the video for at least 30 minutes (the first 30 min or the last ones).

Before you watch it:

  • 1 – make a list of your favorite local dishes. The ones that make you happy and that you will eat no matter where you are.
  • 2 – write the names of 3 places you like to eat out. Why are they your favorite ones?
  • 3 – what kind of service do you expect to have when you eat out?

While you watch it:

  • 1 – the video is a bit long, but it’s worth watching. Take a piece of paper where you will be able to write key notes. Try to separate them in country/ food/ service key words.
  • 2 – write in capital letter the words you don’t know.

After watching it

  • 1 – how different are Europe and USA in relation to food and service?
  • 2 – are there any similarities between your first notes in the Before you watch it moment and the things Rick pointed out on the video?
  • 3 – What have you learned? Find somebody to talk abou it?


Published by Sue

Je suis professeur d'anglais pour les enfants et les adultes. Diplômé en langue anglaise avec une maîtrise en linguistique. *I am an English language teacher for children and adults. I have graduated in English Language Arts and hold a Master in Linguistics. ** Professora por escolha e paixão. Formada em Letras língua inglesa com mestrado em Linguística.

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