Halloween activity

  • Age: 7+
  • Aim: to learn new halloween vocabulary.


Slips of papers with words. Learner watch the image teacher will show and search for the word that matches.

  1. costume
  2. ride broomsticks
  3.  cast a spell
  4.  wave wands
  5.  stir your potion
  6.  witch’s lair
  7.  spooky
  8.  cobweb
  9.  spider
  10.  cackle
  11.  giggle
  12.  scream.


Watch and put the words in the order your hear them.

Post- watching

Listen and to the action of the words you hear.

  1. cackle
  2. scream
  3. giggle
  4. ride a broom
  5. stir your potion
  6. cast a spell
  7. wave your wand.
  8. Sing and dance with the song


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