11 steps to teach English to kids with the books they have

Um livro de criança é sempre um mundo a explorar. A melhor forma de faze-lo é ter como objetivo simplesmente engajar as crianças em leituras ou contação de histórias que envolvam os livros que elas tem ao alcance de suas mãos, em casa ou na escola.

Dê uma volta na estante de livros com sua criança. Deixe-a escolher um livro.  Mesmo que não seja na língua alvo, a segunda língua que você quer ajudá-la a aprender. Lembre-se de que ela ainda não sabe ler. Explore, leia as figuras e conte você a história na língua que quer que ela aprenda.


  1. Choose the book WITH the children or just show up with a book in hands and say ‘Look! I have a book!’.
  2. Call the children’s attention to the picture on the cover of the book.
  3. Say the title aloud and let the children imagine what is coming.
  4. Give the book to the children. Let them touch it.
  5. Invite them to listen to the story. Make it a play time.
  6. If you feel they are ready. Tell the story, or read it aloud letting them see all the pictures in it.


  1. Find a comfortable position and place.
  2. Involve the children in each part of the story.
  3. Let them turn the pages (if one kid. If more put them in circle and turn it yourself).
  4. Play with the story as you tell or read.
  5. Ask questions to the children (even if they do not speak yet).
  6. Answer the questions yourself if they can’t.
  7. Read creatively.


Give the children some of these opportunities to play and learn with the target language.

  1. Sound and image input
  2. Reality approximation
  3. Cognitive questions
  4. Recognition vocabulary
  5. Coloring
  6. Numbers
  7. Montessori activities (gross and fine motor skills)
  8. Letters
  9. Drawing (or drawing observation)
  10. Craft
  11. Screen time

Books about a dog (any kids’ book you like)

I suggest “Deixei o pum escapar, by Blandina Franco” in Portuguese. In English I suggest Clifford field’s day and Where’s Spot?, which are lovely books for kids. In French I used “Monsieur Maigre” , which is not about a dog, but mentions and pictures the BIG dog of Monsieur Maigre.

  • age 1 to 4
  • Click to enlarge the pictures. They are ready to save and print.
  • or download the presentation here

Sound and image input

Reality approximation

Cognitive questions

Recognition vocabulary




Montessori activities (gross and fine motor skills)


Drawing(or drawing observation)


Screen time

Além de tudo isso, que são atividades super rápidas, há também um mini book prontinho pra criança brincar aqui no @quemvailerpramim. clica aqui Ou vá até nossa página de downloads e veja outros.




This is it. Please let me know what you think.

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